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Who We Are

Brian Hanley


Throughout the years, I developed a passion not just for our products and the difference they make in policyholders' lives, but also for furthering the entrepreneurial spirit and helping others achieve their professional goals. It was that passion and a focus on leadership development that prompted me to move to Chicago, Illinois to lead my own team of sales professionals. Today, our talented and caring consulting team strives to support local businesses by providing custom benefit solutions that help owners simultaneously improve their work environment and bottom line. This process not only leads to increased productivity and morale, but it also offers financial protection for the employees and their families during medical treatment and recovery.

IMG_0147 MEGAN.jpg

Megan Chapman

Office Manager

IMG_0253 MARCIN.jpg

Marcin Zurek

Vice President

IMG_9767 BILL R.jpg

Bill Rousonelos

Vice President


TC Redding

Vice President

IMG_0341 SEENA.jpg

Seena John

Vice President

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